Q: How do I take elderberry?

A: Most people take a shot once or multiple times a day to boost the immune system.

Q: How much should I take?

A: studies show 1 tablespoon is enough for a daily immune boost.

Q: where do you get your elderberries?

A: Since elderberry syrup is made from dried elderberries, and that is a labor intensive task, we buy our elderberries from a certified organic elderberry farmer who processes the berries and sends them to us.

Q: what is it good to mix with?

A: Elderberry mixes great with lemonade, yogurt or pancake syrup. It also mixes well with vodka for a great adult beverage.

Q: Can I take these products if I have diabetes?

A: You should definitely ask your doctor before taking any of our products to make sure it does not conflict with medications or conditions.

Q: I take the gummies. Why do I need your product?

A: Like anything else, make sure you are reading the ingredients listed on the gummy product you take. Many contain sugars, preservatives and no real elderberry, apple cider, honey or any real health benefits.